Chemical elements

Ununquadium Production


Ununquadium can be synthesized by direct bombarding of Plutonium-244 or Plutonium-242 target by Calcium-48 ions

24294Pu + 4820Ca -> 287114Uuq + 310n
24294Pu + 4820Ca -> 287114Uuq + 310n
24494Pu + 4820Ca -> 289114Uuq + 310n
24494Pu + 4820Ca -> 288114Uuq + 410n

Another way to synthesize Ununquadium is via α-decay of more heavy element 118, Ununoctium, synthesized by bombarding of Lead-208 target by Krypton-86 ions accelerated to the energy of 229 MeV.

20882Pb + 8636Kr -> 293118Uuo + 10n
293118Uuo --42He--> 289116Uuh --42He--> 285114Uuq

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